Dr. Shelton Charles selected for Faculty eSIR Program.

The NC Network for Human Services Integration to Prosperity selected Dr. Shelton Charles as part of the newly developed Faculty eScholar-in-Residence Program that was launched in 2016.

During his eScholar-in-Residence program, Dr. Charles plans to focus on Physiological Resilience and Social Justice as part of the integrated human services movement. A major objective of the eScholar program is to generate, disseminate and preserve social capital and knowledge.

Dr. Shelton Charles underscores that putting a spotlight on action-oriented research is a critical key to linking physiology, social justice and community outreach toward cultivating and growing the awareness of the human science, physiology and complex adaptive biopsychosocial systems.  He will focus on building community discourse with attention to inspiring interest in understanding the relationships between physiological resilience and stress modulation, restorative health, cognitive appraisal, motivation, emotion, and leadership.  His efforts will contribute in significant ways to the field of human services integration through education, community outreach and research collaboration with other program scholars.


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About The NC Network For Human Services Integration To Prosperity
The NC Network for Human Services Integration to Prosperity is designed to address diversely expressed social justice concerns and community insecurity based upon decades of adverse psychosocial and behavioral health outcomes.  While levering, growing and sustainable multiple constituencies to focus on transforming views and opportunities through radical public interest engagement, the network’s objectives are more closely aligned with a strategic vision for: 1) generating new ideas for improving human services integration; 2) fostering data-driven decision making; 3) growing taxpayers engagement; 4) and championing innovative public policy. For more information, visit us at https://mindbodyinstitutebeyond.com/nc-network-for-human-services-integration/