Impact of “Walking the Talk”

Over the past 12-months Dr. Mount has honored Community Impact Champions that work at the grassroots level, people who are, generally, under-recognized for the selfless work they willingly do to help others. Dr. Mount is positive that exposing Community Impact Champions’ voices and their impact have allowed community members to become more aware of medical & academic achievements by our leaders.

Judy Marie Willis

Judy Marie Willis Judy Marie Willis has for over two decades used words to inform, inspire and heal. An accomplished writer, editor, publicist and alternative health journalist, she has witnessed the transformative tool affirmative words and focused thought offers in her work as a lecturer and parent life coach. Ms. Willis believes that thoughts can manifest our greatest fears or our grandest desires. A former broadcast management executive and radio producer, Ms. Willis founded Tell the Truth Communications (T3C), a public relations firm specializing in New Thought promotions, in 1990. Her company uses organic and affirmative wording to create living documents that stimulate spiritual and intellectual awareness. She has had articles, essays and columns published in newspapers, magazines, anthologies and periodicals both in the U.S. and abroad.

Marcus Wilson-Stevenson

Marcus Wilson-Stevenson Marcus Wilson-Stevenson, a man of vision, a dedicated “hands-on” inspired leader, founder of The Boyz R Back nonprofit organization, & 3MV Management enhancing the image of professional athletes. In 1997, returning from Atlanta G.A. where he served as volunteer with outreach programs such as The Hosea Williams feed the homeless project. Stevenson served as Order Instructor for 9 years at the Forsyth County Correctional Center. Reaching youth he began to realize would be an excellent way to prevent the tragedies of prison life for many. To connect with young people, he began working as a middle school assist EC teacher in the Winston Salem/Forsyth County, where he asked students to write their goals down. He discovered a disturbing trend; some students had no dreams nor goals, and some student athletes dreamed of only large paychecks. No plans exited for reaching their potential academically, spiritually, or even physically.

Marcus Wilson-Stevenson’s biography

Larry Oppegaard

Larry Oppegaard For 16 years, Larry Oppegaard of Greensboro has been educating people about the health risks of radon, the colorless and odorless radioactive gas known to cause cancer. Radon is present in many homes, unbeknownst to the occupants. EPA calls it “The Silent Killer”. Larry has revealed the health dangers of radon gas in homes to his Clients while in business as a NC Licensed Home Inspector for 16 years. He has performed radon measurements in thousands of homes. In 2005, Larry earned Dual Certifications from the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA). One certification qualifies him to accurately measure radon levels. The other certification qualifies him to design and install effective radon elimination systems. During the past six years, he has constructed hundreds of pipe-and-fan systems in all types of homes throughout central North Carolina. His business, known as Radon Rid, is run on principles of environmental awareness. Larry minimizes its impact on the planet through diligent practice of the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle philosophy.

Larry Oppegaard’s biography

Andy Hagler

Andy Hagler Andy Hagler is the Executive Director of The Mental Health Association in Forsyth County—a local non-profit, non-governmental advocacy agency—and has held this position since May 1997. Since taking the Association’s helm, his agency provides an array of non-clinical mental health programs and services such as:

  • Client & Family Support Groups
  • Representative Payee Services
  • Mental Health Information & Referral/Access Services
  • Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) mental health trainings to law enforcement officers
  • Client, Family and Legislative Advocacy Services
  • “Mental Health 101” Community Education Services
  • Community Screening Events for Depression and Anxiety
  • Community Partnerships and Collaboratives to address and fill in gaps in existing mental health and related community-based services

Andy Hagler’s biography

Nike Roach

Nike Roach Nike Roach, MS, CPT, LMBT grew to understand the benefits of MASSAGE THERAPY while stationed in Europe in 1991. As a medic in the army he was often faced with situations where stress was a key obstacle in accomplishing the objective. Many times he was asked to conduct massage therapy on soldiers to relieve tension, pain, and trauma associated with stress. Since his military experience, Nike has been an avid supporter and promoter of integrative health in and around the North Carolina community and opened 6th Sense Wellness Center in 1997. Nike specializes in sports massage, prenatal, acupressure, Thai massage and is a personal trainer. Nike has trained for wholistic health in Europe, Asia, and the United States in a variety therapeutic modalities. He also holds a B.S. in Exercise Science from Winston-Salem State University and a M.S. in Sports Studies focusing on sport performance from High Point University. Nike has been a personal trainer in Winston-Salem since 1999 and has experience working for the YWCA, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Department of Family and Community Medicine (Weight Management Program) and has also trained individuals privately. Nike is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association, past member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Director of the 6th Sense Foundation, Board member for the Winston-Salem Chamber Of Commerce, Business Advisory Council for Health Fields at Good Will Industries of North West North Carolina and Eagle Resourcing Network Charity Links.

Nike Roach’s biography

Maria M. Aristizabal

Maria M. Aristizabal Maria grew up in Cali, Colombia, S.A., a city of millions of people. She moved to the USA in 1980 and knew very little about the culture in the USA and didn’t speak English. She always has been thankful that she had her sister as a mentor and role model. She often wonders how different her life would have been without her sister. Maria’s passion to help youth grew from her own experience and the help her sister gave her in her early days in the USA. Maria moved to NC in 1998. Her first job in Forsyth County was with the WS/FC schools where she was able to witness the great influx of Hispanic people to this area. At the same time she also noticed how little Winston Salem citizens knew of the Hispanic Culture in general and, for that reason became very involved with the Hispanic League. In 1999 Maria was fortunate enough to meet a great lady, Dr. Joy McLaughlin, who brought to the attention of the Hispanic League the great need of college scholarships for Hispanic Students. The Hispanic League Scholarship program was officially launched in 1999. Maria chaired this Committee from 2001 to 2005 and is still an active member of the committee. This program has awarded over 150 scholarships and over $260,000 to students for the continuation of their education.

Maria M. Aristizabal’s biography

Justin Maurice Redd

Justin Maurice Redd Justin Maurice Redd, born November 14, 1988, is originally from St. Louis, Missouri and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He is the son of Melvin Redd, licensed notary and retired banker of over 20 years, and Margaret Redd, Regional Vice President of MetLife insurance. Both of his parents were first in their families to graduate college. They recognized the importance of education and they wanted to teach him from a young age. His parents also have demanded excellence strived to nurture a relationship between him and community advocacy.

Justin Maurice Redd’s biography

Tenesha Monice Moore

Tenesha Monice Moore Tenesha Monice Moore, a native of Fort Campbell, Kentucky, was born to two U.S. Army parents, Staff Sergeant Thomas Moore and Sp4 Theresa Moore, at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital. She and her family relocated to Plymouth, North Carolina, a small town on North Carolina’s coast, when she was just three years old. Tenesha attended Pines Elementary School where she was privileged to be in the Academically Gifted (AG) Program. She won first place in many spelling bees, made the POP’s List for good behavior, and made the Honor Roll every term. From a young age, she was destined for success. She loved to read books, which her parents always made sure she had plenty of, and her love of music was enhanced by her father who taught her how to play the keyboard at age four. A devastating tragedy struck the family when her father was killed in a tragic automobile accident in September 1994, just a few days before her ninth birthday.

Tenesha Monice Moore’s biography

Matthew Mayers

Matthew Mayers Matthew Mayers is the co-founder and manager of the Krankies Farmer’s Market in downtown Winston Salem, North Carolina. The market brings fresh local food to a part of the city where such resources are scarce, and offers a place for farmers, using sustainable practices, to sell directly to the people who eat their food. Many chefs, downtown workers, area residents, and others from throughout the city don’t consider their week complete without a trip to the Krankies Farmer’s Market.

Matthew Mayers’ Biography