Dr. Shelton Charles selected for Faculty eSIR Program.

The NC Network for Human Services Integration to Prosperity selected Dr. Shelton Charles as part of the newly developed Faculty eScholar-in-Residence Program that was launched in 2016.

During his eScholar-in-Residence program, Dr. Charles plans to focus on Physiological Resilience and Social Justice as part of the integrated human services movement. A major objective of the eScholar program is to generate, disseminate and preserve social capital and knowledge.

Dr. Shelton Charles underscores that putting a spotlight on action-oriented research is a critical key to linking physiology, social justice and community outreach toward cultivating and growing the awareness of the human science, physiology and complex adaptive biopsychosocial systems.  He will focus on building community discourse with attention to inspiring interest in understanding the relationships between physiological resilience and stress modulation, restorative health, cognitive appraisal, motivation, emotion, and leadership.  His efforts will contribute in significant ways to the field of human services integration through education, community outreach and research collaboration with other program scholars.


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About The NC Network For Human Services Integration To Prosperity
The NC Network for Human Services Integration to Prosperity is designed to address diversely expressed social justice concerns and community insecurity based upon decades of adverse psychosocial and behavioral health outcomes.  While levering, growing and sustainable multiple constituencies to focus on transforming views and opportunities through radical public interest engagement, the network’s objectives are more closely aligned with a strategic vision for: 1) generating new ideas for improving human services integration; 2) fostering data-driven decision making; 3) growing taxpayers engagement; 4) and championing innovative public policy. For more information, visit us at https://mindbodyinstitutebeyond.com/nc-network-for-human-services-integration/

Truth Ain’t Popular Press Release

Human Services Integration through Social Justice-Based Community Engagement Promoted in New Nonfiction

Never has such a book been modeled with the clarity of Dr. David L. Mount’s service-learning research and emphasis on ensuring community concerns are considered with attention to mitigating the loss of faith in health and human service systems!

Piedmont Triad Region, N.C.  – Since early 2003, Dr. David L. Mount has spoken around America messaging beyond the echo chamber that everyday people need opportunities to share their story, speaking victory over the deep roots of learned helplessness.  In his new book, The Truth Ain’t Popular: Impediments to Hope, Mount reports on his work with the Maya Angelou Center Health Equity Integration Ambassadors toward addressing health equity through social justice and humanitarian outreach.

In this sweeping work of Mount, the following themes are addressed: (1) There is a need for developing and implementing a community engagement accountability system; (2) Community engagement is least effective when creating and fostering us-them partnerships that maximize the disparity gap while simultaneously diverting attention away from equitable community reinvestment; and (3) Action must be taken to address how sociocultural invalidation, micro-insults, stigma, implicit bias, toxic charity and contradictory relationship building are designed to mask the threat to power and authority.

From her advanced review of this book, Ms. Mara Ramirez makes the point: “Professor Mount points out that the content of our lives has market value beyond the traditional commercial venues, where the everyday person is consistently fighting against a psychological bankruptcy.  The implications for human services integration to prosperity echoes a call to stop scapegoating human suffering.”  As noted by Ms. Yvonne Bowser: “In many ways, the movement surrounding human services integration to prosperity works to place in the forefront a call to action on behalf of socially, emotionally, and economically oppressed communities, where folk are walking on an increasingly uncertain floor while reconstructing hope and attempting to dream against the noise of a shaky future.”

“Behavioral Health Equity through human services integration, forged in part through legislative and policy solutions, is key to reducing health disparities and promoting good health outcomes across multicultural communities,” said Mount.

  For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to www.mindbodyinstitutebeyond.com.

About the Author

Dr. David L. Mount is a treasured social justice advocate, lecturer, writer, community organizer, team builder, professional speaker, and clinical psychologist with specialties in primary care psychology, medical neuropsychology, and medical rehabilitation psychology. Dr. Mount is a sought-after speaker for national meetings and is a winner of mentoring, teaching, and service awards in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, and North Carolina. He is well regarded for his work on integrating mind-body mental health and framing health disparities as a human rights campaigner.

Brianna Santos of Winston-Salem selected for High School eScholar-in-Residence Program

The NC Network for Human Services Integration to Prosperity selected its first high school student as part of the newly developed High School eScholar-in-Residence Program that launched in 2016 — Brianna Santos, a rising sophomore at West Forsyth High School in Clemmons, NC.

Photograph: Mara Ramirez & Brianna Santos Photograph: Kara Morrison & Brianna Santos
NC Network Graduate eScholar-in-Residence Program participants Mara Ramirez and Kara Morrison featured with Brianna Santos.

This summer Brianna Santos had the opportunity to work with and learn from several graduate students and small business entrepreneurs. She had an opportunity to meet many professions connected to NC Workforce Development.

A core focus of the program is working with the eScholars around a set of skills supporting emotional intelligence and pro-social growth that include leadership training, self-awareness, communications, emotional self-regulation, compassion elasticity, and strengthening critical thinking skills. The program is designed to stimulate, motivate and promote community engagement related scholarship among rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are interested in pursuing a college education.

The program is adapted from the GuideRight program developed by Dr. David L. Mount. Selected high school scholars explore and learn alongside a diverse set of other eScholar-in-Residence. The High School eScholar-in-Residence program is designed to prepare students for the transition from high school forward. All participants receive a copy of Dr. David L. Mount’s book: Waking Up In College: Having an inspired experienced. The program is free of charge for those selected.

Photograph: Raynard Harris, Brianna Santos & Kevin Smith
Brianna Santos featured with small business entrepreneurs Dr. Raynard Harris and Mr. Kevin Smith

Listen online: The Cost Of Caring For Loved Ones With Alzheimer’s

In this 48 minute radio program, host Diane Rehm and her guests discuss the personal and financial costs families face while caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease. Ms. Rehm and her guests also respond to calls and emails from listeners when the program aired live on .

The Cost Of Caring For Loved Ones With Alzheimer’s.” The Diane Rehm Show.

Health Equity Ambassador Admitted to Harvard!

Alethea Amponsah
Alethea Amponsah, Post-baccalaureate Health Equity Ambassadors alumna, has been admitted to the Master of Education program in Human Development and Psychology in the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University.

Congratulations, Alethea!

Oral Health Equity for All Is Seeking Interns & Volunteers

Oral Health Equity for All (OHEALL), a non-profit based in Winston-Salem, is seeking interns and volunteers for Spring 2016.

Oral Health Equity for All: Spring 2016 Recruitment Flyer
View the flyer at full-size

OHEALL is looking for a volunteer data coordinator, communications coordinator, blog writer/editor, graphic designer, health information resource curator and a website developer!

If your are interested in any of these positions, can commit to a minimum of 4 hours per week for at least one semester, please submit your application at www.oheall.org/main/get-involved/ or scan the code… [in the flyer]!