The Dr. David L. Mount Center

The Dr. David L. Mount Center for Tomorrow’s Work, Service Learning, Talent Management and Volunteerism Programs is a multidisciplinary leader and catalyst for innovation and research embracing creativity, exploration, shadowing, purpose, and experience. Our motto is Lets Get Inspired Together. We invite you to become inspired with us. We are a community of multidisciplinary entrepreneurs, community organizers, students, teachers, scholars and staff focused on transformative educational opportunities, ideas, interests, and career goals through careful consideration. We are drawn together and charged with working local, regional, national and global on behalf of changing the face of business with a robust inspiration and drive to improve humanity by anticipating, planning, designing, fostering, and applying state-of-the-art and sustainable solutions to address the needs and challenges in the areas of broadmindedness and human rights, health, economic and social justice, peace and security, institutional accountability, and eco-friendly sustainability. “The Creativity-Innovation-Empowerment Team: Boundless Global Performance-Based Coaching in Action” serve as our core faculty members. The coordination for the Center is supported through The Chocolate City Multimedia Studios, Innovations, and Productions Division.

Achievement & Succeeding Together. Diagram: (first row, left to right) Reach → Convene → Network → Leverage (diagonal arrow points down and left) Transformative