Maria M. Aristizabal

Maria M. Aristizabal Maria grew up in Cali, Colombia, S.A., a city of millions of people. She moved to the USA in 1980 and knew very little about the culture in the USA and didn’t speak English. She always has been thankful that she had her sister as a mentor and role model. She often wonders how different her life would have been without her sister. Maria’s passion to help youth grew from her own experience and the help her sister gave her in her early days in the USA. Maria moved to NC in 1998. Her first job in Forsyth County was with the WS/FC schools where she was able to witness the great influx of Hispanic people to this area. At the same time she also noticed how little Winston Salem citizens knew of the Hispanic Culture in general and, for that reason became very involved with the Hispanic League. In 1999 Maria was fortunate enough to meet a great lady, Dr. Joy McLaughlin, who brought to the attention of the Hispanic League the great need of college scholarships for Hispanic Students. The Hispanic League Scholarship program was officially launched in 1999. Maria chaired this Committee from 2001 to 2005 and is still an active member of the committee. This program has awarded over 150 scholarships and over $260,000 to students for the continuation of their education.

Maria M. Aristizabal’s biography