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Peer Network Engagement Interns (PNEI) enhance health profession students knowledge and access to information to inform their decisions about the health professions workforce and issues of diversity. Our PNEIs connect and build relationships to strengthen community service learning as a part of the Health Justice Revolution. As a part of this new and exciting partnership, students will help us identify community related activities promoting awareness of how the health professions assist in building human capital across communities. Please consider joining our community engaged service learning experience!

YWCA signs on for ‘health justice revolution’

The YWCA of Forsyth County is partnering with Dr. David L. Mount to promote an effort that Mount has coined a “health justice revolution.”

The outreach effort was announced September 2011 by Dr. Mount, a preventative neuropsychologist and health care advocate, and YWCA CEO Florence Corpening and Robin Ervin, the Y’s VP. It is aimed at improving the physical and mental health of those in the community, especially people battling against chronic diseases like diabetes, kidney and cardiovascular disease.

The partnership seeks to bridge the gap between community and health care institutions – which have been criticized for not working effectively to eliminate the many health disparities that exist between communities of color and whites. The program will work to bridge the gap between the minority community and the health care community, while also touting the importance of prevention and physical activity.

Dr. Mount says that he uses the term “health justice revolution” instead of a more common term like “ending health disparities,” because he says it resonates with the communities most affected by disparities.

“The language used to address health disparities and health equity must be accessible to the community and connect with social change, human rights and social capital promotion,” he said. “We believe this initiative will take us one step closer to promoting social justice e, empowering individuals and eliminating racism.”

Corpening says she believes that Dr. Mount’s cutting edge ideas and plans will serve the YWCA and its clients well.

“I am really looking forward to the innovation Dr. Mount has discussed with us and all that we can do together for our community,” said Corpening.